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Who are you, really? That’s what colleges want to know. Take the time to find out. The answer belongs to you. We help you see it and say it, clearly and powerfully.

If you are being genuine you will automatically stand out because there is only one of you in the pool. We are looking for what makes you special and if you write an authentic and thoughtful essay about yourself, we will uncover just that.

— Brown University, Prospects & Providence


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  1. Expert writers and coaches who help you produce your best college essay.
  2. Individual, customized or group sessions that get at the heart of who you are and what you care about.
  3. Innovative and effective methods for improving writing skills and creativity.
  4. Writing Intensives that build strengths through physical challenges and working with peers.

Our students get results

Acceptances include Harvard, Amherst, Colby, Brown, Cornell, NYU, RIT, Columbia, Wesleyan, Brandeis, U. Notre Dame and others… Scholarships and awards include Posse, Gates Millenium, Ron Brown, and others…

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At Essay Intensive, we help our students write authentic, compelling personal statements that reveal the unique individuals they are. And we get them into it from head to toe, literally. Come find out how.

Sara immensely helped me as a writer and to produce strong, polished college essays.  She helped me find my voice, reflect my personality, and power through my ideas.  She was absolutely my biggest resource.

— Tafari, Harvard Class of 2017

On a personal note…

Parents: We have one big-hearted goal: to get them there, with care.
Students: We really want you to be you (and colleges do, too).

Our students get it all

  1. Polished college admissions essays that express who you truly are and why you belong at the school of your choice.
  2. Practices for dispelling stress, fostering creativity, and building self-awareness.
  3. Support developing the full human that college communities seek.
  4. A jump-start on the transition to college through personal exploration and community building.

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