Unlocking the Writer

“With the essay playing such a critical role in the undergraduate college application process, my son was fortunate to have an amazing coach/counselor to help him find his voice in writing. The writing process was a life-changing journey of trusting the feedback and of developing confidence in expressing my son's personal experiences and aspirations. To write an essay is more than words on a page, it is sharing your soul to the world. It is a creative process and truly Sara is an engaging, outcome oriented and diligent professional. If you trust the process and fully commit, your child will produce an amazing essay and develop useful tool that transfer to college writing. Sara unlocked the writer in him and now he is a confident writer who is prepared to sell himself with his words. This is an important life skill that will serve him well into the future. I am thankful for Sara's patience and guidance during this emotional roller coaster. It is a great investment in his future.”

Favorite of All Time

“Schools don’t teach you how to write about yourself anymore—so I was filled with angst about writing my personal statement. Sara and John quickly quelled my fear. Through free-writing and meditating, I formed killer concepts, which became the foundation of my essay. After being guided on my journey with Essay Intensive, I had written one of my favorite pieces of all time! In the fall, I will be attending RIT, my top choice. ”